Persian Weaves

The Persian family of weaves is just dynamite! The incredibly intricate look to them, the round symmetry, and the denseness create a look and feel that is wonderfully decadent. TheFull Persian weave, also known as Fox Tail, is a must-have for any lover of chainmaille…it’s also the one I found the most difficult to learn (so far!). Here’s a picture of it:

You can the almost perfect roundness of the weave as well as its flexibility here. It’s simply gorgeous!! Now, this is an example of Full Persian…there are also 2 “half” versions of the same weave: Half-Persian 4-in-1 and Half-Persian 3-in-1. As you may have guessed, one has 4 rings in every ring and the other has 3 rings in every ring. See? Not so hard – at least when it comes to the name!


The Half-Persian weaves are equally beautify but have an entirely different look to them. Let’s just take a look at the Half-Persian 4-in-1:

It’s pretty easy to see the most basic difference here, isn’t it? This weave is much flatter. However, it’s equally beautiful! When this weaves is viewed from it’s side, it takes on a different look. It’s simply captivating. As with the Full Persian, you can see the denseness of the weave. This creates a spectacular feel when it’s worn.

Weight also figures prominently in the more dense weaves. Obviously, the denser the weave and the more weight to the metal being used, the more the object made will weigh. Most maille lovers enjoy some weight to the piece. There’s just something ultra-decadent about the feel of that much metal woven into these patterns that is addicting. However, for those with fibromyalgia, arthrits, or other conditions where weight may cause a problem, the availability of lighter metals is perfect! If you like lightness to the jewelry you wear, don’t be afraid to use lighter metals – or to ask the person who is creating the piece for you to use these metals. The artisans I know would be more than happy to customize a piece for you in such a manner.

Now you have a pretty brief overview of the different weave families. Head out into the jewelry stores and displays and see how many you can find and identify. You’ll impress the heck out of your friends and family, believe me!


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