I love taking a “spin” around the internet to see what’s out there in the world of maille. It’s fun, it fuels my creativity, I meet fascinating artists….hhhmmm….starting to sound like the next Star Trek movie!

One of my favorite things about being able to do this is the incredible amount of sharing that goes on. There’s no doubt that maille is catching on in the world. Even designers are incorporating this ancient craft into their wares:

Head to toe, fashion is starting to embrace chainmail. And why  not? It’s slinky, seductive, fun, flirty, and daring! All the things that fashion designers want.

(LOL Did you really think I could leave Barbie out of this? That’s just awesome!)

Adding a bit of metal work into the wardrobe not only gives a futuristic feel to it, but also keeps us grounded in our collective roots. It brings to mind past histories. It may even spark some interest in the younger generations to find out more about this ancient craft. There is simply so much more to it than meets the eye. And if a young crafter decides to pursue a newly found interest in maille, then that’s just what we want!

This craft has not died, fortunately. It simply hibernated for a while and is emerging from its slumber in sleek new forms, amazing new patterns, and full of vision and strength to face the future.

Why not take a spin around the internet and see what you can find? Even if you only look at pictures, you’ll discover a vast array – a mix of old and new, new ways to blend the past and the future, and maybe fire up your imagination.


About ladymjewelry

I design and create jewelry - it's a passion that I follow with pleasure! I believe is meant to be lived to the fullest and encourage everyone to live, laugh, believe in beauty and self, and to never ever give up!
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